Cuneyt R. Celik

Visual Communication Designer, Kocaeli / TURKEY

About Us

My name is Cuneyt R. Celik. I’m a visual communication designer and working on branding, digital marketing, and web design jobs since 2012.

I’m focusing brand identity for my clients on all platforms. I offer them works for design and digital marketing. I can use a Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign on high level. I know HTML, CSS and little bit PHP. I love WordPress. I use WordPress platform all of web site projects.

I continue to improve myself on user experience and growth hacking. I’m versatile and produces a fast and practical solutions. I love learning new things and trying different things.

My interests is naturel life, automobiles, mechanics, woodworking and photography. I use my interests as inspiration for my work.

I love working and I was born for it. I’m not taking any work I don’t like. I love working with the client who does his job with love.

Me and my team are here for you.
We are a family of freelancers.

CNY Works, established for achieving results in communication between companies and their customers in various spheres. We conduct market research and create a digital strategy to promote the brand, leave a lasting impression on design, integrate multichannel marketing. Provide technology solutions designed specifically for the needs and business processes of the client, and make it digital simple and effective.


Visual Presentation
Promotional Materials
Logo & Identity

Creative & Design

User Experience
Web & Mobile UI
Creative idea
Apps design

Web Development

Google-Liked Websites
Front-End & Back-End
Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management
Google Ads
Conversion Optimization
Digital Media Advertising